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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

FENG SHUI - Figure Your GUA/KUA Number = BAGUA Directions


I was recently asked, "In what direction do you sleep?" To figure your GUA/KUA Numbers and your personal BAGUA Directions, you will first need to determine your number. I have posted a website on how to easily figure your GUA number:

After you have determined your GUA Number, you can read about your personal BAGUA directions more in-depth:

I have included a BAGUA Map Compass for you to print out to use to map your home and each room. Your personal number is in the left side column.

BAGUA Directions

Success Direction - Display items for Career, Prosperity, Strength, Stability, Protection and Wealth. You should always display Wealth and Protection symbols in this area at a minimum.

Health Direction - You should always display Longevity and Health enhancement symbols in this area. When you are chronically or terminally ill or know someone that is, this is a powerful, yet minute enhancement to vastly improve a quality of life.

Romance Direction - You should always display Love and Romance symbols here if you are looking to strengthen or attract a loving relationship. This area can be enhanced to strengthen work relationships in power and respect.

Personal Development Direction - This is always your meditation and relaxation area. You can use enhancement symbols for whatever need you want here. Want Creativity? Utilize creativity symbols. Want Power and Wisdom? Use power and wisdom symbols. Want Wealth or Career? Display these symbols. This is an area where you can spend a lot of time and work on the betterment of you.

Unlucky Direction - Be aware of this area and work to avoid negatives.
5 Ghosts Direction - Protection symbols are a key in this area.

Six Killings Direction - This is the perfect area to concentrate on working to dispel or absorb negative energies.

Total Loss Direction - Dispel and absorb negative energies. Protection symbols are a must in this area.

Feng Shui Symbols you should have many of…

Buddhas - You can never have enough Buddhas displayed in all areas of your home and business. A Buddha represents many things. I use them to welcome harmony in my family, welcoming wealth, stability, career and calming. I have Buddhas in every room. The neat thing about Buddhas is that you can display them anywhere in a place of respect. I have them in a corner of a room, on a shelf, in a plant. Buddhas come in Jade carvings, Gemstone carvings, Temple Stone carvings when you are lucky enough to find one, Crystal, Hong Tze, Stone, Bronze, Brass, Metal, Resin or Hong Kong Ivory, just about any element you can think of. I probably have one of every element display in my home.

Quan Yin- You can display a Quan Yin in every room of your home. The goddess of Mercy and Compassion will support you, protect you and enhance your relationships.

Money Frogs, Money Turtle, Money Pig/Boar, Dragon Ship, Lucky Coins, Fish - You should always have several of these displayed in every room of your home or business.

Protectors - You should always have at least one Kuan Kung, one Terra Cotta Warrior, pair of Temple Lions, pair of Dragons and Chinese Zodiac symbol displayed in your home and office.

Strength and Wisdom - You should have at least one Horse, Elephant, Tiger and Dragon displayed in your home.

Crystals - The minimum you should have is at least one Pagoda, one Lotus and one Etched Globe.

Jade - You should have at least one jade display in several rooms in your home. Jade is physically healing, welcomes wealth, absorbs negative energies, produces a calming effect.