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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Online LIVE Auction on Tuesday night, October 1 from 9 PM to 10 PM EDT

You're invited to a live online auction!

Tuesday night, October 1

from 9:00 - 10:00 pm EDT


• We're moving our legendary Oshun Spirit Online Auctions to a super-fun, new venue that you will love!

• ALL first time users with a winning bid of $10+ will receive an instant rebate of $10 from Outbid

Come hang out, chat and laugh with friends, and bid to win some great deals on all of your Oshun Spirit favorites PLUS handcrafted jewelry, unique home decor, vintage and collectibles, and more!

We're a friendly group of long-time, trusted online merchants that take pride in providing outstanding customer service and unique, quality merchandise. We think you'll have a great time on our new venue...

...and you'll get $10 to spend just for trying it out!
 We'll see you at the auction!

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Are you Ready for Fall?


Color of the Month Lotus Candle Holders!

Every month we will be running a color special that matches the trending seasonal decorating schemes for two capiz shell Lotus Candle Holders at a discount price!  This month, we are featuring two Citrine Yellow flat candle holders.  Perfect for parties and your home decor.  Be sure to use your loyal customer discount code RETURN10 at check-out to get an additional 10% OFF!  Next month we will feature the Amber Orange Lotus Candle Holders that blend perfectly with our Citrine Yellow.  We LOVE Fall decorating!

fall-gifts 2
Send us a product review and/or photos of your purchases and we will post them on our Facebook page! 


Our whimsical Owl is the perfect seasonal door hanger, table centerpiece, or, mantel home decorating accent.


New Buddhas!



African Village Life Oil Paintings on Canvas

Cats & Geraniums 

Whimsical Wise Owl Statue


Sunday, September 8, 2013

Buddhas at The Crabby Nook


The Buddha of Rich rewards stands holding a Gold Ingot in the air with both hands. Known to encourage great wealth into your home. The bigger the ingot, the larger the rewards. This is a symbol of rich rewards coming your way.
Stand him in your personal wealth sector of your home facing in, so that he is bringing in the wealth and not taking it out.

To receive the full benefit from this splendid Budha, rub his tummy each day and make a wish for yourself and your family.

Always place Buddhas in a High position.

Shop for Buddhas in our Store!


The Laughing Buddha is well known symbol of happiness, wealth, kindness and innocent contented joy. It is believed that by rubbing his tummy each day, which is said to contain much wealth, will bring Good Luck and Prosperity. 

Buddhas should never be placed on the floor as this is a sign of disrespect. All About Feng Shui recommends that you place your Buddha at least 4' from the floor in an elevated position. Treat him with respect and he will reward you handsomely. 

Best direction for him to be placed is our personal wealth direction. Place a figurine of a laughing Buddha in your living room and garden. 

The Buddha is the most revered deity in the East. Choose an image of him laughing to attract happiness to your home.

Shop for Buddhas in our Store!

See you Shopping Soon!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

SunCatchers & Art Glass Decor at The Crabby Nook

Shop Now! for SunCatchers & Art Glass Decor

Winter Holiday Decor

  • Hand painted holiday ornaments art glass window pane sun catchers glow with festivity charm..

  • Hand painted round art glass window pane sun catcher for the wine enthusiast. Perfect addition to your Tuscany decor!

  • Ocean Beach shells hand painted round art glass easel candle holder glows with cottage charm.

Cats & Geraniums

This hand painted large beveled art glass decorative box is for the cat lover in your life.

  • Our Mini Tealight Holders are intricately hand-painted in a continuous design on all four sides.



  • These hand painted art glass night lights are designed to gently illuminate while adding a unique touch of beauty to your home decor.

Quantities are limited!  See you Shopping Soon!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Peacocks at The Crabby Nook


Peacocks in Feng Shui

peacock-grn-500 2
Stunning in its beauty, the Peacock is considered the manifestation of the celestial Phoenix on earth. Its mesmerizing colors and the "thousand eyes" look on its tail is considered to promote fame luck in feng shui, as well as enhance one's protection and awareness. Of course, such a stunningly beautiful bird as peacock will also symbolize beauty and the feelings of love and attraction, thus the image of peacock or the peacock feathers are often recommended in feng shui as a love cure for single people to help attract the desired mate.
Send us a product review and/or photos of your purchases and we will post them on our Facebook page! 


You know our love of anything Crabby! 

Check out our new Crab Night Light with Spectra Crystals by Swarovski -

New Buddhas!



African Village Life Oil Paintings on Canvas

Wine Country 

Bread Basket with Lotus Warming Tile