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Monday, April 30, 2012

Nautical Beach Cottage Decor at The Crabby Nook

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Clear Crystal Etched Cube Paperweight

ETCHED CUBE PAPERWEIGHT - Clear crystal is generally regarded as the mirror of the soul because it reflects and radiates that in us which is divine.

  • Clear crystal has very strong powers of protection against anyone who doesn't mean you well. 
  • Clear crystal is a pure and powerful energy source which has the ability to transmit and receive energy. In transmission, it can amplify and focus the positive energy. In receiving, it can store energy, dispel any negativity and can be charged or 'programmed' into specific healing energy for later use. 
  • Clear crystal is therefore used as an excellent aid in healing meditation therapy to purify the mind, body and spirit for balanced emotions and clarity of thoughts. 
  • Because of this special attribute, Clear crystal has the ability to enhance the energies of other gemstones and natural crystals when placed near them. 
  • Clear crystal is also reputed to aid students in their studies.
DESCRIPTION:  Beautiful flawless Crystal cube with Chinese characters engraved in the cube.
  • More than mere "lettering," calligraphy by a master is one of the highest forms of Chinese art, each stroke conveying an abstract beauty along with its message.
MEASUREMENTS:  Chose from 2", 2.5" or 3".

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Crystal Globe

The Crystal Globe

GLOBE - A globe should be displayed in your study or the children's room. It is believed to promote educational and academic pursuits. 

  • Globes are said to represent achievement of all your ambitions through academic pursuits. Professors, teachers, writers, and those involved in scholarly studies are highly advised to display it on their tables. The effects are doubles if the table is also part of their library or study. 
  • Feng Shui principles also denote that those looking to further their studies should place the globe in the Northeast sector of your home or study if possible. This allows the Ch'i in the area to be energized. Promoting the educational and knowledge properties of the Northeast sector. 

Twirl the globe towards you three times a day before 12 am to enhance the luck of each day.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day Gift Ideas!
md1_03.jpgMother's Day is May 13th!
We have a great selection of unique gift ideas in a variety of price ranges. Shop Vanity Sets, Trinket Boxes, Tea Light Candle Holders, Jade Bonsai Floral Bouquets, Hand Painted Art Glass Sun Catchers and so much more!

We offer the convenience of secure  online shopping and shipping directly to your Mother if you want us to.  

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vanitytray1500aVanity Sets
NOW $136-168
lg002470Decorative Boxes
NOW $33.75
We have New Garden Decor in our


flamingos500Sun Catchers
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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sunday, April 8, 2012

New Home Decor at The Crabby Nook!

New Home Decor!

You are going to LOVE our New Home & Office Decorating Accessories!

Have you been to our website lately?  We have added so many new decor themes that you will find something you absolutely love!

Time to freshen your decor!  Let's get decorating!

Hand Painted Art Glass!

artglass900 3Decorative Trinket Boxes
Night Lights
Sun Catchers
Tea Light Holders