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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Asian Antique Inlaid Mother of Pearl Black Lacquer China Cabinet 1940's Korean Furniture at The Crabby Nook Gift Shop

  • Very ornate design.  This beautiful cabinet is a very old piece and was made in a time where mother of pearl was a painstaking craftsman art form. It is very hard to find this type of art in today's market.
  • Comes in two sections.
    • Top section is encased in the black lacquer wood and Mother of Pearl floral design framing.  The very top of this section shows unfinished wood and does not have the lacquer finish.  The back shows unfinished wood and does not have the lacquer finish.  Includes:
      • Two square cabinet doors with the Love Bird Mother of Pearl Design that measure 10.5" x 10.5" each that opens into a 13" Deep cabinet;
      • Two rectangle glass doors encased in the black lacquer wood and Mother of pearl design frame that measure 22" Length x 10.5" Height each that open into a 44" Length x 13" Deep cabinet in the center of the square cabinet doors;
      • Two rectangle sliding glass doors encased in the black lacquer wood and Mother of pearl design frame that measure 34.5" Length x 21.5" Height each that open into a 3 sectional shelving unit 13" Deep located in the center portion of the top section.  Two removable shelves that do nothave the lacquer finish on the bottom and three sides ;
      • Four Drawers with a Floral mother of Pearl Design that measure 10.5" Width x 4.25" Height x 12.25" Deep each two on each side.  Each drawer has three sides and the bottom in unfinished wood and does not include the lacquer finish on those sides; and,
      • Two rectangle sliding glass doors encased in the black lacquer wood and Mother of pearl design frame that measure 22" Length x 10.5" Height each that open into a 44" Length x 13" Deep cabinet in the center of the four drawers.
    • Bottom section is a credenza cabinet.  The top only has the lacquer finished approximately six inches from the front.  The top section fits onto the top of the credenza and covers the unfinished wood portion.  The back shows unfinished wood and does not have the lacquer finish.  The credenza includes:
      • Four Cabinet doors with large Mother of Pearl Designs that measure 16" Width x 18.5" Height each.   Both end cabinets open into a 18" Deep cabinet.  The two center doors open into a 32" Length cabinet with a removable shelf that does not have the lacquer finish on the bottom and three sides.
  • It is recommended that you have a working humidifier in any room you display this cabinet to keep the wood from drying out.  We also recommend that you use a furniture oil a couple times a year to keep moisture in the unfinished wood portions.  
MEASUREMENTS:  Overall measurements are 75'' Height x 72" Length.  Bottom credenza measures 24" Height x 18" Deep.  Top section measures 51" Height x 14.5" Deep.  

SHIPPING:  This is a local pickup listing.  However, we suggest that you contact Craters & Freighters of Kansas City Toll Free:  (800) 833-4219 to have this cabinet shipped to your location if you are unable to pick this up.  They are an expert company in shipping antique furniture.  I am guessing that shipping weight will be close to 250 pounds.  PLEASE NOTE:  This cabinet will NOT fit into a mini van.  We tried.  It will not fit into a mini van.  

$3769.99  We are willing to accept reasonable Best Offers!

See you Shopping Soon at The Crabby Nook Gift Shop!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Bread Basket with Lotus Warming Tile at The Crabby Nook

Bread Basket with Lotus Warming Tile

bread basketWe got a lot of inquiries about our new bread basket that we teased you with in our last newsletter.  Many of you did not know that we design a lot of our products.  We have taken on a new company direction this year.  We are having more products made for us in the Lotus Flower design.  The Lotus has always been a very powerful symbol to us.  The Lotus represents Purity, Compassion and Love.  We have adopted the Lotus flower symbol for our company.  

In October, 2012, we asked a manufacturing company if they could make us a bread basket with a warming tile.  We submitted our design and this is the end product!  The basket is handwoven out of Kaisa grass with a Palm wrap.  The warming tile is made from terracotta with a hand carved lotus design.  We hope you LOVE it as much as we do!  We are so excited.  We just received a notice that our baskets will arrive in Kansas City on July 16th.  

Look for other products we have in the making with our Lotus Floral design!  Coming Soon!  We hope to have more in time for the Holidays! 

You can pre-order this basket today and have one reserved for you!  Be sure to use your Coupon Code RETURN10 to get 10% OFF your order!  


Monday, June 10, 2013

Celebrate the 4th of July!

It is time to celebrate our GREAT Nation this Independence Day as we remember our ancestors and forefathers who fought for our freedoms to make us a FREE Country. Here at The Crabby Nook we are very thankful that our small business is allowed to travel throughout the world and bring it home, closer to you. Have a SAFE and HAPPY 4th of July!

Did you know ---
  • The U.S. Congress did not make the 4th of July a federal holiday until 1870 after both the U.S. Civil War and the War of 1812;
  • Some American Colonists celebrated the birth of independence by staging mock funerals for King George III accompanied by bells, processions and bonfires; and,
  • Due to the time restraints of the Revolutionary War, Congress did not fully address slave trade in the writing of the U.S. Constitution. This mistake would cause a future American War, the U.S. Civil War.
source -

Our Summer Outdoor Living inventory is starting to thin out. We are carrying some really neat
  • wind chimes,
  • garden statuary,
  • bird houses and more!

Be sure to check out our Red, White and Blue Capiz Tea Light Candle Holders. You will love the glow of color that our Capiz Shell Candle Holders add to your room! Perfect Party Decor!

Our Red, White and Blue Capiz Trinket Boxes make perfect party favors to send your guest home with a special gift to remember your fabulous Independence Day Celebration!

Our Red, White and Blue Capiz Angel Sun Catcher Ornaments are the perfect gift for anyone you want to recognize as being an angel in your life.   

See you Shopping Soon!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Summer 2013 at The Crabby Nook

Gifts and exotic home decor for the World Traveler!
You are going to love What's New at The Crabby Nook!  
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Coming Soon!  Now accepting Orders!


We have been working on designing this new handmade bread basket since October, 2012!  It is finally on its way.  We expect to receive delivery in July, 2013.  Place your order now and be the first to get yours when it arrives!  Perfect gift!

Coming Soon!  Now accepting Orders!

This weather has been crazy but the HOT Summer months are around the corner!  The Owl, Snail and Frog watering stakes are the perfect decor for your potted plants.  Our watering stakes will be here in July!  Order Now!

Summer is for the Birds!
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Be sure to use Coupon Code "RETURN10" at check-out to get 10% OFF your entire order!  FREE Shipping on orders over $150!  
We want to Thank all of our Loyal Customers for allowing us to continue finding unique items for you to use in your home and office.  We still get excited about every sale that we make!  Never in a million years would I have ever thought that once I retired from my career another door would open that I would love to do just as much.  Because of you we are able to make a difference worldwide helping other small businesses provide for their families when we purchase their handcrafted wares to offer to you.   

We appreciate your continued support of our small business.  Thank you!

Brenda - The Crabby Nook