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Monday, July 14, 2008

What does the Dragon and Phoenix symbolize in Feng Shui?

Two of the most powerful four celestial animals are the Dragon and Phoenix. The Dragon and Phoenix are the perfect couple in Feng Shui. Dragon is "yang" while Phoenix is "yin", and they complement each other in creating yin-yang balance to harvest successful matrimonial bliss.

This celestial couple is the symbol of everlasting love and when they are together it is the ultimate symbol of marital happiness.

The Dragon and Phoenix symbolizes that the man and spouse will stay together through thick and thin, and that love and passion will last till the end. They ensure that a newlywed couple will
  • be blessed with both patriach and matriach luck;

  • outstanding achievement in life; and,

  • great fortune and prosperity with many filial offsprings.

The Dragon is the basis of Feng Shui studies that controls the cosmic chi and forces on earth.

The Dragon will bring prosperity, good career luck and success in every area of life for mankind, while the Phoenix will bring out the excellent side of the female. The Dragon when placed together with the Phoenix not only strengthens relationships. It can even relight the fires of a kindling relationship with the fiery energy of the Phoenix.

The Dragon and Phoenix are the perfect symbol as well for the single female or bachelor looking to find true love.

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