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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wedding & Shower Gift Ideas from The Crabby Nook

Wedding & Shower Gifts

It's the time of the year again when we receive many wedding invitations. The Crabby Nook carries a great selection of Home Decor items and Collectibles that make perfect gifts. Many Brides and Grooms are young professionals today and they also appreciate getting gifts that will help them decorate their office. But, most importantly, don't forget the groom when purchasing your gifts!

It is a nice idea to help the couple add to their collectibles or to even help them start a collection. Many times I had young professionals come into my warehouse wanting to purchase sculptures for their home or office and did not know how to go about starting a collection. And, many times a person does not know how to blend a collectible into their normal living decor.

Many are afraid to try mixing cultures in their decor. Most don't realize that 5000 year old continents/countries like Africa and Asia have many similarities in their art and can be easily mixed. One of my favorite decor themes is the "Asian Safari". It is an amazing exotic look when you mix the two together. And since both countries are what we consider "from the Earth" their collectibles blend in very well with todays color schemes.

So, this year, we have to be socially concious, environmentally concious and economically concious in selecting our gifts. The perfect gifts will be hand crafted from natural ingredients that support artists. The Crabby Nook can help you meet all of those requirements.

Shower & Wedding Gift Suggestions

jacardssaladbowl100.jpg African carved wood with Bone Accents Jacaranda Salad Bowl and Server Set

Baskets Jade Wall Art Statues


Did you know that in Africa the Hippo is known to save other animals from crocodiles by pulling the prey from the reptile's mouth?

medhippo100.jpg We are giving tribute to the HIPPO this month!

Shop for Hippos now...

What's New?

Bamboo Shades - For a limited time only, we are offering Bamboo Shades! Available in five sizes, 24"W, 36"W, 48"W, 60"W and 72"W.
* All sizes measure 72" long.

matchsticknatural100.jpg tortoise100.jpg Shop for Bamboo Blinds...

Paperweights - These make GREAT gifts!

giraffsoapstonepaperweight100.jpg goldfishpaperweight100.jpg Shop for Paperweights...

Decorative Eggs - We've added several new designs of our most popular item! Don't forget to purchase the display holder.

bluemudfish100.jpg turtleegg100.jpg Shop for Decorative Eggs & Holders...

We LOVE Summer!

We continue to carry our swimming pool brushes and thermometers. We have a few pond mini vacs left in stock. And, we have a couple of granite lanterns left in stock. Everything is on SALE and we are taking offers on multiple purchases. Once these items are gone, we will no longer carry this inventory.

We also have some telescopic poles left in stock, but, they are too expensive to ship due to their size. However, if you are in our area you are more than welcome to pick one up for $5. These come in cases of six. We can ship a case more reasonable than we can ship a single pole.

We are also carrying a nice selection of wind chimes this year.

Shop The Crabby Nook...

Feng Shui Tips for Your Home Office


  • MUSIC: Play soothing music throughout the day to alleviate stress, calm nerves, and keep you relaxed. Try a Norah Jones CD or listen to something purely instrumental so you won’t get caught up in the lyrics.
  • ELIMINATE DISTRACTIONS: Close the door if others are at home with you so that you don’t have to listen to distracting noises. Eliminating unnatural, exterior noise will keep you focused on your work and will allow the chi to move around your room with minimal disruptions.
  • EVALUATE YOUR REACTIONS TO CERTAIN NOISES. Does the sound of birds chirping keep you relaxed? Does the rumbling dishwasher make you stressed? Evaluate your reactions to everyday noises and then try to accommodate accordingly. Crack the window a little to let in natural noises and drown out that dishwasher. Or, turn up your music to keep out the bothersome weed eater outside.
  • PICK A ROOM LOCATED FAR AWAY FROM LOUD NOISES. When selecting the perfect room for your home office, pick one that is located far away from loud, distracting noises. For example, if your neighbors are always out on their front lawn playing or visiting, go to a room that’s located at the back of your house. If the neighbor on your left has a dog that barks all day long, choose a room on the other side of the house. Eliminating as much extra noise as possible will help you concentrate.
  • CANDLES: Light candles to welcome scent and give your office a relaxed atmosphere. The warm flame is a soft, natural representation of fire that also helps you feel cozy.
  • INCENSE: Lighting incense is another way to bring scent into the room.
  • GARBAGE: Take out the garbage often to get rid of bad smells that will interrupt your room’s chi. Mildew, garbage, and other noisome scents will also distract you until they are eliminated. Empty out your trash several times each week to keep bad smells from developing in the first place.
  • CITRUS: Citrus scents like tangerine and mandarin increase the amount of energy in the room, keeping you awake and alert even after hours of work.
  • GERANIUM and LAVENDER: These soothing scents will calm nerves and help you keep things in perspective.
  • BURNING OIL: Burning tiny amounts of oil will cause your room to smell better in seconds.
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