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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Color Red - Passion, Love and Energy

The Color Red - Passion, Love and Energy

THE COLOR RED - A very powerful color. It is the color of passion, love and energy. Red has the lowest vibration among other colors, and therefore is the most physically vitalizing. 

In astrology, the color of Mars is red and it has dynamic power over iron. Iron gives us our red blood and without it, we would have some sort of pale liquid flowing in our veins. Mars is also the God of War. Translated, it means a martial spirit, quick strength, force, power and leadership. 

Bold reds are thought to introduce feelings of wealth and happiness into a person’s life. Supplementing your otherwise subdued room with red accents will brighten your mood and perhaps even bring you luck. Don’t go overboard with strong reds or you may end up creating a negative energy infused with anger and agitation.

Success Direction - Display items for Career, Prosperity, Strength, Stability, Protection and Wealth. You should always display Wealth and Protection symbols in this area at a minimum.

Have you been feeling rather tired and off colored lately? Sluggish and haggard? Lacking the energy to do anything? Do you need something to stimulate warmth and excitement in you? Place your Red Agate/Stone/Jade near your sleeping place so that the healing energies can be transmitted to you. You can also display it on your working desk or some place where you can easily look at it. This beautiful stone is also wonderful to gaze at.

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