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Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Crabby Nook Facebook Fan Page Giveaway!

 The Crabby Nook Facebook Fan Page Giveaway!
Go to our Facebook Fan page:
Comment on the post shown below.  Be entered to win the necklace!  It is just that easy!  
Want to win a simulated Black Sapphire Cross necklace? Just in time for Easter! Just comment on this post on our Facebook Fan Page and be entered to win! 
We will let Mr pick the winner on Thursday afternoon! Be sure to tell your friends to follow our fan page for more giveaways! 
Comment today for your chance to win this necklace!

1 comment:

Breezers said...

hi- tried to follow you from the master list on Bonanza but couldn't find the "follow" button?
love the keepsake boxes by the way :O)