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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What does the Turtle Symbolize in Africa?

What does the Turtle Symbolize in Africa?

Because of its slow movements, the Turtle is regarded as intelligent and prudent.  Because it can reach old age, it is assured great respect that is paid to the elders of the tribe.  This association is also strengthened by the wrinkly skin of these animals.  

In legends, the wise turtle comes away victorious.  Since it is protected by its shell, no animal is able to kill it.  The ability to carry its protective house is also interpreted as intelligence.  Because Turtles can live in water as well as on land, they are considered to be intimate friends of the God of Rain and Water Spirits.
African Symbols By Heike Owusu  page 45

Turtle Egg African Art Stone Sculpture

Hand carved Kenyan soapstone eggs are everyone's favorite!  

Turtle Tiny Statue African Art

Stunning TINY hand carved, hand painted stone soapstone Turtle by Kenyan artisans. 

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