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Monday, October 15, 2012

Limited Quantities! African Ebony Wood Figure Sculptures!

The Crabby Nook

Pair of Man and Woman Busts

Kneeling Man with Staff

Perfect piece of African Art for display on your shelf or desk!

Shop Now...
NEW!  African Ebony Wood Figure Sculptures
Limited quantities!  Check out the new ebony wood statues currently in stock!  For a limited time only!  We have lost our African supplier connection and until we find another dealer, when our current African Collectibles stock is gone, we will not be replenishing it at this time. 

As you know, we have always prided ourselves in carrying high quality authentic Art and Collectibles from Africa.  Unfortunately, our main supplier started increasingly sending us broken, damaged and cheaply made items.  We knew this was unacceptable to our customer base.  We are currently looking around Africa for new suppliers.

On a good note, our company has started to increase the number of products that we are having made for us and importing into the US.  Next year you will see BIG changes at The Crabby Nook!  We hope to build our inventory quickly, but most of all, we hope you LOVE what we have chosen for you!

Woman African Handcrafted Ebony Wood Sculptures

Quantities are limited!  See you Shopping Soon at The Crabby Nook!

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