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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Skin Care Products for Chemo Patients Part II/III

Skin Care Products for Chemo Patients 


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Facial Skin Care after Chemo

avon productsI have always waited until after I was finished with my chemo treatment before I start working on bringing my face back for socializing. If you are like me you will notice that your skin color may look a little ashen and very dull.

Right after my first chemo treatment, I tried every expensive department store skin care products that I could find or used to use on a regular basis while working as a professional career woman, to bring my skin back to looking healthy. I am not going to name the list of products and brands that did not work for me just to be respectful and because they are still very good products. And, because they may work for you.

After trying a lot of different products, I happened to catch an advertisement for Avon ANEW products. The ads talked about rejuvenating and moisturizing your skin. I had never used Avon cosmetics before and didn't have much hope. At the time I thought Avon cosmetics were inexpensive so how could they do wonders when the most expensive products couldn't?

I started using the ANEW Ultimate line. After a few weeks, my skin looked and felt so good that I was able to move down to the Reversalist line. This time around I went straight to the Platinum line. I use the face wash, serum, day cream, night cream and eye cream. I also use several of the ANEW Clinical products. You will love how it feels when you start using these products. You will be able to feel them working. Your skin will start looking so good that you too, will be able to move down one level of product strength.

You should also know that these products work for men too. They are not just for women and men will see great improvements in their skin too.

PLEASE NOTE: I do not sell Avon products.

The best compliment I have ever gotten after finishing up chemo treatment was, "You look so healthy!"

Avon ANEW Platinum

found on Amazon

Avon ANEW Ultimate

found on Amazon

Avon ANEW Reversalist

found on Amazon

Avon ANEW Clinical

found on Amazon

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Tarocco Facial Care Products

found on Amazon

Another product that I use in addition to the Avon products is Tarocco.

Tarocco, meaning "Beautiful" in Sicilian dialect, is also known as "blood orange" and "red orange". This fruit, rich in antioxidants, will leave your skin soft, replenished and toned.

You will love how smooth and soft your skin feels and how much moisture the face cream adds to your skin. I love the citrus orange fragrance and feel very pampered after using these products.

Part I covered Body Skin Care during treatment and can be found here

Part III will cover Body Skin Care after treatment

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