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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Lotus Flower Tea Light Candle Holders at The Crabby Nook

LOTUS Capiz Shell Tea Light Candle Holders

Everyone loves our Capiz Shell Tea Light Candle Holders!

You will be pleased with the splash of color from the glow of a candle these candle holders add to the romance to any room!
  • The Lotus represents Purity, Compassion and Love.
  • Capiz Shell Lotus Tea Light holder.
  • Used as single accent pieces or in a variety of multiples. See all of our beautiful colors to arrange an amazing display.
Be sure to check out our Flat Lotus Candle Holders too! We carry a wonderful Lotus Tea Light Candle that fits our Capiz Shell Lotus Candle Holders.

1 comment:

jelly andrews said...

Wow! Those candle holders are really adorable. How I love to have them. Those Capiz Shell Tea Light candle holders seem to bring positivity and beauty to any home.