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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Basket Care, Love Birds, Feng Shui Directions

Basket Care


Grass Baskets commonly lose their shape in transit. To reshape, lightly mist with water and smooth out any dents.

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Safari Animals


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Jade Bonsai Flowers


Wall Art


Furniture & Room Dividers



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Love Birds

The Chinese have always regarded Mandarin Ducks as perfect mates. Called "Yin Yiong", Mandarin Ducks mate for life (as opposed to the Emperors who had numerous concubines). They are also excellent mates, taking perfect care of each other.

Never seen apart or without the other tagging along many termed this the "perfect marriage". As such they eventually became the definitive symbol for conjugal bliss. Even today they are still the most potent symbol of everlasting love.

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Success Direction - Display items for Career, Prosperity, Strength, Stability, Protection and Wealth. You should always display Wealth and Protection symbols in this area at a minimum.

Romance Direction - You should always display Love and Romance symbols here if you are looking to strengthen or attract a loving relationship. This area can be enhanced to strengthen work relationships in power and respect.

Unlucky Direction - Be aware of this area and work to avoid negatives.

5 Ghosts Direction - Protection symbols are a key in this area.

Six Killings Direction - This is the perfect area to concentrate on working to dispel or absorb negative energies.

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