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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Baskets make GREAT Decorating Accents!

Baskets make GREAT Decorating Accents!

Baskets can be used in your Home and Office Decorating in so many ways! Visitors and friends notice when you have a quality and unique decor accent.

The Crabby Nook offers a very nice selection of hand woven baskets from Asia and Africa. You will love the tray or bowl shapes to display your decorating Eggs and Balls.

Our lidded baskets are just the perfect size to use as small item storage to keep things off a table or counter. So, not only are they stylish, they are useful.

Moms love our market basket totes! These are ideal not only for shopping, but sporting events, school outings and traveling. A good thing about grass baskets is that they can be easily reshaped when they are knocked around or have something sat on them by lightly misting with water and smoothing out any dents. I use one when I travel as my purse for carry on. I keep my purse, reading materials, medications, camera, anything I need to have readily available inside so I do not have to pack it away in my checked luggage.

Everyone loves to receive Baskets as gifts. They are easily used in everyone's home decor as an accent piece. You will never go wrong when you give anyone a basket for a gift.

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