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Friday, September 10, 2010

Jade Floral Bonsai Bouquets

Jade Floral Bonsai Bouquets

The Japanese Tree Peony is one of the most beautiful plants you will ever see! We offer this hand carved jade bouquet for your decorating pleasure!

All of our Bonsai Floral Bouquets are made of real jade. The leaves are made of Taiwan jade, dark green, as well as the pot. An Extraordinary Work of Art - No Two Pieces Are Exactly the Same.

We also offer the magnificent Lotus flower in our bonsai bouquets in either pink or white.

It is not uncommon for your bouquet to arrive with a leaf or petal broken off the bouquet. The manufacturers have taken this into a probability and so they have added a few extra flowers and petals to each bouquet. You can remove a broken flower, leaf or petal using wire cutters. Most pliers will work as wire cutters int he groove area. Or, just bend the empty wire into the bouquet where it is not visible.

You will see how easy it is to bend and shape your bouquet to your liking. You will have many years of enjoyment with a beautiful jade floral bouquet.

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