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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Enhance your Romance Direction for Love and Relationships

How do you find your Romance direction?

CALCULATE YOUR GUA/KUA NUMBER To calculate your Gua/Kua number use this simple formula. Take the last two numbers of the year you were born and add them together. Reduce them down to a single digit. For example if you were born in 1958 then you take the 58; 5+8=13; 1+3=4.

MALE - take the single digit and subtract it from 10. Example: 1958 single number of 4; 10-4=6. The Kua number is 6.

FEMALE - take the single digit and add 5. Using the 1958 single number of 4; 4+5=9. The Kua number is 9.

Nien Yen Romance Direction


Evergreen plants will enhance the element of Fire in the South.

Display statues of Horses which symbolize the element of the South to increase your success.

To stimulate your love life, display a pair Mandarin Ducks.

Display pictures of Peony flowers to enhance your romantic relationships.

Display pictures and figurines of the Phoenix to help your relationships be more harmonious.

Colors for love are Red, Pink and Orange.


To attract love and romance place a pair of Mandarin Ducks in the Northwest of your home or the Northwest of your bedroom. Put up pictures of the person you wish to attract or pictures of the kind of person your are looking for.

The Northwest of your bedroom is also an excellent place to have a pair of Rose Quartz Hearts, or, Love Birds as Rose Quartz is the semi-precious gemstone of romance. Display a white Quan Yin.

Colors for Love are Gold, Silver and White.


If you are looking to improve your relationships, or, you are searching for love this is the area to enhance.

To attract the person of your dreams place Feng Shui symbols of Love and Romance in the southeast of your home or bedroom. The most popular are Mandarin Ducks, Rose Quartz, Crystal, Hearts, Love Birds and the Chinese Scroll for Love.


To have a harmonious marriage and a loving family this direction is good for your main entrance.

Working in this direction will improve your relationships with co-workers and business colleagues.

To enhance the east sector, display a Dragon.

This is also a good place to have a water feature.

To activate your romance put a pair of Mandarin Ducks and display pictures of Peony Flowers.


To liven up your love life place a pair of Mandarin Ducks in the sector. to energize this area hang a few faceted Crystals.

You can also display a Double Happiness symbol here or hang a Jade Double Happiness Charm.

To encourage the type of partner you wish to attract display pictures of happy couples.

When you find your soul mate you will need money to enjoy yourselves, so display Feng Shui symbols of Wealth here.


To enhance your love life place a pair of Mandarin Ducks made from porcelain or hang a Chinese Scroll of Mandarin Ducks.

Hang a Jade Double Happiness Charm to brighten up your love life. Other great Feng Shui romance enhancers are the Rose Quartz Hearts, or, Love Birds. Place two of them together to invite everlasting love.


To enhance a romance try facing this direction. Display a pair of Mandarin Ducks or a picture of a pair of Mandarin Ducks to symbolize a loving relationship.

If you are looking for a romantic relationship, display pictures of loving couples or Love Birds and Peony Flowers.

This is also a good area to keep your Feng Shui Wishing Box.


If your working relationships are not as they should be try placing the Carp Fish Leaping and the Dragons Gate.

Sleeping with your head in this direction will help you get along with family members.

Activating the area will strengthen or attract a loving relationship. To enhance this area display a pair of Mandarin Ducks or hang a Chinese Scroll of Mandarin Ducks.
If your Gua number is 5 men use the Gua Number 2 and women use the Gua Number 8
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