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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Paperweights - Unique Office Gifts!

Paperweights - Unique Office Gifts!

Glass Paperweight with Peacock or Phoenix Drawing

Looking for GREAT Gift Ideas for someone in your office or a business associate?  Paperweights are wonderful gift ideas, they are a perfect accent in your office decor! 

Lacquer River Stone Art Design Paperweight

•Vietnamese artisans use their fingerprints to create the look of a dragonfly on a river rock, or, of scales on iridescent blue goldfish hand painted on a river rock.

•Covered in ten layers of black lacquer.

African Art Stone Safari Animals Paperweight
  • A hand carved paperweight, crafted from soapstone by Kenyan artisans.

  • A hand painted design of a Safari Animal characterizes this paperweight

The Crabby Nook has a variety of designs to choose the perfect Paperweight for your office or to give as a gift. 

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