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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Find Unique Decor at The Crabby Nook

Wall Hangings

African Masks


Decorative Balls & Eggs

Safari Animals


Keepsake Boxes

Bird Houses

Wind Chimes


Shop for unique Decor items now...

Our vast selection of high quality home decor has something for you. Whether you want something to add artistic flair, an exotic touch, or combine storage with decorating, you will find something you will want at The Crabby Nook.

Just a few small and affordable interior decorating changes can make your home feel new. People are looking to add more color to their home in personalized decor accents according to interior decorating trends of 2011. Look to find new and innovative ways to incorporate your personal style that will pop with excitement in your home.

Feng Shui Grandmaster, Lillian Too, suggests that you keep large bowls of Oranges in your home to promote good Health and Wealth this year of the Golden Rabbit. Be sure to check out our gorgeous Fruit Baskets that are perfect for displaying those vibrant citrus colors.

Interior Decorating color tones for 2011 will include bright and sharp colors like reddish-pink and brown purple for accents and small details. Soft interior color tones like citrus yellow, light green, blue, or, pink-lilac will be popular for large surface walls. Our jade Bonsai Floral Bouquets are a must have and will add that splash to complete your uniqueness.

Keepsake Decor Boxes are our most popular decorative accessories. You will love how these handcrafted art can accent any room! All are made of high quality materials for years of lasting beauty.

It is time to start thinking about freshening up your Patio or Deck. What terrace decor can be added or replaced? Did you know that a clear coat of paint on a trellis with climbing vines can make it more appealing?

To achieve maximum harmony with good energy, decorating your home or workplace with Buddhas will bring protection, good cheers, warmth & blessings.

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